GSoC Week 10 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

GSoC Week 10 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module


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Welcome back to the tenth week of my exhilarating journey in the Google Summer of Code program. In this blog post, I'm excited to share updates on the accomplishments from the past week, including the successful implementation of the Dashboard UI for tracking sent invitations. Additionally, I'll outline my plans for the last two weeks as I approach the conclusion of the project.

Progress Made:

Updated and Optimised Code with Clean Practises

During this week, I had a productive call with my mentor to discuss the reviews and suggestions provided. Taking these valuable inputs into account, I optimized and updated the code with best practices, ensuring a more robust and maintainable codebase. The collaboration with my mentor proved instrumental in refining the functionalities and user experience of the Users and Roles Modules.

  • For instance, I was using redundant axios API calls to check the validity of the Invitation link. This can be optimized by passing the invitation details in the view from Laravel Controller itself.



  • Also, I was using separate API calls for reject and accept invitations. Which can be optimized in a single API call and Controller with an extra rejected:bool key.



Dashboard UI for Sent Invitations:

One of the primary focuses of this week was to create an Invitations UI page dedicated to tracking and managing sent invitations. I successfully implemented this feature, providing administrators with an overview of all pending and accepted invitations.

Also added a data filter to it which will filter the invitations based on the facility in which the user is invited. Further, we can also add more filters like filter by role or Name etc.

Next Week's Plan:

As the project approaches its final weeks, my plan is to complete the remaining tasks and ensure that all modules are fully functional and well-integrated. I will conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any potential bugs or issues that may arise.

Documentation: In the last week, I will prioritize creating comprehensive documentation for the project for the modules I have implemented in this period. This documentation will serve as a guide for future developers and users.


As the tenth week of the Google Summer of Code program concludes, I am elated with the progress made during this exhilarating journey. I am eager to make the most of the final week and ensure the project's successful completion. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. Please like and subscribe to stay updated on future progress. ๐Ÿš€