GSoC Week 7 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

GSoC Week 7 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module


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Welcome to the seventh week of my journey in the Google Summer of Code program. This week has been filled with exciting progress as we moved towards implementing the User Invitation Module. In this blog post, I will share the updates and achievements from the past week, including the discussions on field naming in the User form, the reviewed changes, and the implementation of the user invitation functionality.

Progress Made:

Discussions on Field Naming in User Form:

This week, I engaged in discussions with my mentors regarding the naming of fields in the User form. We carefully evaluated the existing field names and explored possibilities for more intuitive and descriptive labels. At first, I have kept only full name fields which when suggested by my mentors, we are using first and last names for the name field of the user. By considering user experience and industry standards, we arrived at a consensus on the field names that will enhance the clarity and usability of the User form.

Reviewed Changes:

After incorporating the feedback received during the discussions, I diligently reviewed the changes made to the User form. I made necessary adjustments and addressed any issues that arose during the review process.

Call with Mentor on User Invitation Module:

To ensure the smooth implementation of the User Invitation Module, I had a call with my mentor this week. We discussed the overall design and functionality of the module, identified key components, and determined the best approach for integration into the existing system. The call provided valuable insights, and I gained clarity on the implementation strategy for the user invitation functionality.

Following the call with my mentor, I began working on the implementation of the user invitation functionality. This feature allows administrators to invite new users to the system by sending email invitations. I integrated the necessary logic and APIs to generate and send invitation emails, ensuring a seamless user onboarding process.

Next Week's Plan:

In the upcoming week, I will focus on further implementing the user invitation functionality. I will conduct thorough testing and gather feedback to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the invitation process. Additionally, I will continue collaborating with my mentor to seek guidance and make any necessary improvements to the User Invitation Module.


The seventh week of my Google Summer of Code journey was marked by significant progress in the implementation of the User Invitation Module. Through discussions on field naming, reviewing changes, and a productive call with my mentor, I gained valuable insights and refined the user form. The successful implementation of the user invitation functionality brings us closer to a comprehensive user management system. I am excited about the upcoming week, where I will continue to enhance the user invitation feature and make further strides in the project.

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