GSoC Week 9 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

GSoC Week 9 Experience: Migrating EHR to Laravel - User Module & Roles Module

Jul 29, 2023ยท

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Welcome back to the ninth week of my thrilling journey in the Google Summer of Code program. This week has been packed with exciting developments, as I continued to make substantial progress in the Users Module. In this blog post, I am thrilled to share updates on the achievements from the past week, including the significant advancements made in the "Invitation Module" and the finalization of user creation. Additionally, I'll outline my plans for the upcoming week as I approach the conclusion of the project.

Progress Made:

Update on the Invitation Module:

During this week, I dedicated my efforts to refining the Invitation Module based on valuable reviews and suggestions from my mentor. One of the major improvements made was separating the invitation logic from the user code, which has resulted in a more streamlined and organized implementation. As per the feedback, I have also utilized tokens for the invitation process, enhancing security and efficiency.

Here is the code on how I implemented the Invite class. Please provide some suggestions if any.

Testing the Invitation Module Locally:

To ensure the reliability and functionality of the Invitation Module, I thoroughly tested it with Mailhog locally. This rigorous testing process allowed me to identify and address any potential bugs or issues, leaving the module in a robust state.

MailHog is an Open Source email testing tool with a fake SMTP server underneath. It allows you to configure your application to send mail to MailHog instead of to your default SMTP server. MailHog catches all mail sent to it and stores them for display in a web-based user interface for you to view.

User Creation Finalization:

With the Invitation Module successfully implemented and tested, I proceeded to finalize the user creation process. I made the necessary adjustments to the user table and incorporated the user form data from the invitations, ensuring a smooth and seamless user registration process.

Next Week's Plan:

Dashboard UI for Sent Invitations:

Looking ahead to the upcoming week, I plan to focus on creating a dashboard UI dedicated to tracking and managing sent invitations. This dashboard will provide administrators with an overview of all pending and accepted invitations, simplifying the invitation process and enhancing user management.

Addressing Mentor Reviews and Suggestions:

Additionally, I will dedicate time to implement the valuable feedback provided by my mentor. Addressing these reviews will further refine and enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the Users Module.

Dealing with JSON-Based API Response using Inertia:

I encountered a challenge in handling JSON-based API responses with Inertia during my previous tasks. Therefore, my plan is to seek assistance and explore effective solutions to incorporate Axios for sending requests and handling JSON responses seamlessly within the Inertia framework.


As the ninth week of the Google Summer of Code program concludes, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in the progress made so far. The successful implementation of the Invitation Module and finalization of the user creation process mark significant milestones in this project. I am eager to tackle the challenges ahead in the coming week as I work on the dashboard UI and address mentor reviews.

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